The History of Richard Arnold

Our patriot was the grandson of Richard Arnold, Lord of the Manor of Bagbere, Dorset County, England, and he was born in Northern Ireland where his father had been sent to serve the King.  Upon the death of his mother, his father, George Arnold, set sail for America with his two sons, Richard and George.  The ship was wrecked, claiming the life of the father, the two boys being saved.  Richard was only twelve years old.

On reaching manhood, Richard Arnold joined the Army in 1776 and was a private for two months under Captain Brooks and Colonel Eustis, commanding officer.  In 1777, he served as corporal with Captain Hamline and Colonel Lacy, commanding officer.  In 1778, he served under Captain Hooker with the Quartermaster Corps in Pennsylvania.  He served between one and two years at Trenton, New Jersey, on a special detail under Majors Gordon and Riscol.  He was detailed by General George Washington to escort Mrs. Benedict Arnold to a vessel to sail to England to join her husband.  He received special mention for bravery at a skirmish at Seven Star Tavern in Chester, Pennsylvania.  He resided in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, during the time of his enlistment.

He married Mary Blakemore, the daughter of Calebe and Catherine Blakemore, at Durham, Pennsylvania, on January 3, 1783.  After the war, he settled in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, in Hamilton County.  He sleeps in the family plot. His grave was marked by the Richard Arnold Chapter NSDAR in January 1931 with Mrs. Lee R. Pennington, regent.

Richard Arnold was the ancestor of Mary St. Clair Blackburn (Mrs. Charles Henry) who organized the Richard Arnold Chapter on March 16, 1912.

I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”
— Nathan Hale